University of Kentucky Solar Car Team

Sheldon Salins

Sheldon Salins



  • Mechanical Engineering

Sheldon Salins is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Kentucky College of Engineering. His first experience in engineering was in high school robotics, eventually serving as Team Lead for the First Tech Challenge Team 9328. Sheldon also spent his summer in 2021 interning at One Energy, a wind turbine and industrial power company in Ohio. In his first year at Kentucky he joined the Solar Car Mechanical Team, and participated in FSGP 2019, FSGP 2021, and ASC 2021 with the University of Kentucky Solar Car Team as a pit crew member as well as driver. He is currently acting as the Team Manager as the team concurrently works on Gato VI and begins work on Gato VII. Sheldon is pursuing grad school and a career in systems and aerospace engineering.